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Editor, Economist & Toy ENTHUSIAST

Attorney, Event Strategist, & Project Manager

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Hi Play Pal!

My name is Charlene, and guess what? My first job was in a toy store when I was 13 years old! Little did I know that it sparked a hidden passion for toy companies and brands. After college and law school, I began a career in project management, event strategy, and business development. I spent over 20 years building companies in the federal and state, private and public, and non-profit and profit sectors.

Over the years, what made me frustrated was the lack of resources that combined the marketing 'puzzle pieces' together for small companies.

It dawned on me that I could share my experience with business coaching within the toy space to help small companies with email marketing, event design, and developing ideas on a smaller scale and budget than you'd get with traditional marketing firms.

I use my economics degree with my law degree and business coaching and management background to apply it to my experience in the toy community. I want to bring you the toy tools you need for success without hiring an expensive agency.

Please book a FREE tailored call to share your goals, and let's see how we can work together to take the next steps for your success! Or learn more about my One-Day S.T.O.R.Y Sessions!

Total Toy Creative

How I'm Different Than a Typical 'Agency'

First Difference

I'm an attorney, economist, creative writer, influencer, and toy expert with real-world corporate experience that can provide a multi-faceted approach for your brand. You don't have to work with several team members. I'm a one-stop shop for your success.

Second difference

My focus is on the customer experience through hidden funnels. Unlike traditional agencies, I don't re-create or create the wheel; I ensure the wheel is inflated for maximum driving efficiency on the marketing road! Don't just throw darts; play the game strategically.

Third difference

My one-day model lets you see quick results with fast deliverables so you can focus on making and selling toys to an eager and loyal audience. There is no need to hire or enter into lengthy agency contracts. You can get results (and more revenue) now.

Why You Need Me...

Often, I see brands selling but not story-selling, posting incessantly but not planning proactively.

I get frustrated when I know there is a better and more cost-effective way to achieve your goals.

I provide creative solutions for companies looking for specific strategies in:

Tactics, Optimization, and Yearly event planning.

You don't have to hire a niece. You don't need to worry about trying it out on your own. You shouldn't have to sign up for an expensive agency contract or wait weeks for results.

I've worked for years as a consultant specializing in business development, project management, social media, business design, law, and economics - and I have over ten years in the toy industry, too!

People 'pick-my-brain' often because my out-of-the-toy box strategies work!

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“Charlene's recommendations are stellar.”

Charlene is an expert coach and project manager. Having worked with her for over a year, I've seen firsthand her skill in coaching and mentoring business owners to increase their results. Charlene's knowledge of the customer path and her creative recommendations for each individual unique business is stellar and has added so much value to my business!

Jonni Wood

Sweet Freedom Living